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What's up? Thanks for stopping by! I'm happy you're here. First allow me to say, I don't take your being here for granted. Because we've crossed paths online, I'm led to believe it has something to do with marketing. One of my loves happens to be helping people and....

I share the tools and strategies which have helped me to grow a profitable business online as well as help others do the same.  A little bit more about me.

I've basically lived in North Carolina all my life so.... Yes, I'm a southern girl. After spending 13 years in Corporate America, I decided to walk away from my job to pursue entrepreneurship. My decision to become an entrepreneur didn't develop because I had a burning desire to work for myself. The truth is.....

Like so many women today, I was raising my daughter alone and began to feel the pressures of not spending enough quality time with her. I decided to step out on faith and began my journey of building a Home Based Business. I was determined to figure out a way to earn a living without trading precious hours away from my daughter.  Although, I had to figure it all out, I'm very grateful for the knowledge I've gained and I look forward to shortening the learning curve for so many others. 

Today I've been blessed to be a Co-Founder of NBRT Marketing Inc. Due to my love of music and just about all things to do with  entertainment, I've had the ability to work with musicians, poets, as well as radio personalities. I've also workеd wіth several of thе tор Home Based business names in Intеrnеt Mаrkеtіng, consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurs, businesses, and non profits to date. In addition I've had the opportunity to speak at multiple training events as well as host training calls. I'm fascinated with the technology that connects people of like minds and interests around the world and I look forward to helping you develop the most effective strategies to help you accomplish your goals through online marketing and the use of social tools.

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Free Pdf Reveals Exactly How Anyone Can Earn an Income From Home With Ease.