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I Ate My Words for Good Life USA

good life usa

It’s official. I just ate my words for Good Life USA. I said I would never do it again and here I am eating my words to live The Good Life. After saying I would never take advantage of another business opportunity, guess what I just did……? I became an independent business owner with Good Life USA. The opportunity was truly a God send and came out of nowhere.” In no way, fashion or form was I looking to join a business opportunity. I recently became a licensed Insurance agent. I also assist people with repairing their credit score. So, as you can see, my plate is pretty full with financial services and honestly, entertaining any type of biz opp wasn’t in my list of things to do.

I’ve been running from business opportunities as if they were the plague. There’s always someone with a new lotion, potion, pill, etc. They’re always pitching me the idea of BIG MONEY. (If I’d just join their deal) I’ve turned down too many to count. I swore that I was done. So trust me, I find it truly funny that I’ve found myself smack… dab… in the middle of another biz opp. I must admit, it is one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time. It just made sense. Perfect sense! I was introduced to a way that I could give $200 VIP travel cards to my clients as a way of saying thank you. (Compliments of Good Life USA) When those people save money using the cards, I earn up to $100.  It was a no brainer!

As I thought about Good Life USA, the ideas began to flow.

There are so many ways that I can turn those very customer appreciation cards into cold hard cash. I realized I could give potential clients a $200 travel card simply for allowing me to complete a policy review for them. The possibilities are truly endless. I could simply give them away to friends and family to help them get a $200 savings on their travel and at the very same time, I have the ability to earn a phenomenal income. Once again, it just made sense. Therefore I became an independent business owner. Oh! I almost forgot, I made a live video where I actually showed the savings that I have access to in real time. Check it out below.

If you actually took the time to watch the video above, I’m sure you agree the savings are absolutely sick! I was already excited about having the opportunity to give the Good Life USA VIP travel cards to my clients & friends. After taking a close look at the savings I have access to, I’m super elated to have the opportunity to save on my own personal travel. There’s no doubt in my mind that this year, I will be doing a lot more traveling and a lot less worrying. I’ll see you on the beaches of the world. Feel free to contact me for more information on how you too can live the Good Life.

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Me and Gary Vee Vaynerchuk Icon 2016

Gary Vaynerchuk & LoLo Noble

This year, I had the opportunity to  hang out with Gary Vaynerchuk and a few others. I made the decision to spend my birthday learning a little something new. My partner and I had recently made a few investments into new tools and we felt it was important to be sure we understood how they functioned, as well as to stay up to date with the latest strategies to grow our businesses. So once we heard about ICON 2016, and realized the event fit our schedules, we decided to attend. While there, we had the opportunity to get a little insight from Gary Vaynerchuk aka Gary Vee. I had recently been introduced to him through his talk given at the Traffic & Conversions Summit and was really intrigued by many of the things he was saying. You see, Gary Vaynerchuk has a great track record predicting trends, which as a result turn into huge profits for him as well as many others.

Many of those trends he has predicted and profits he has earned has been within popular companies you may have heard of such as…….. Facebook, Twitter, and Uber. His talk given at ICON 2016 caused me to analyze the way I was doing business and forced me to be honest about the changes & tweaks that I needed to make if I truly wanted to be as effective as I had hoped. As a result of implementing one of his recommendations,  I have been able to increase my sales, resulting in more money added to my bottom line. Here’s the truth. I won’t sit here and say that his methods are easy. The truth is, for many, his methods may be a little hard to grasp.  (Unless you’re already a social butterfly) However, in my opinion, if you are building a business, you can’t afford not to implement them. Feel free to check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s Speech at ICON 2016 below and let me know your thoughts.

Although I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry. Gary Vaynerchuk has a delivery that really appeals to me. In my opinion, his raw delivery is one that I believe can help spark a self awareness within any entrepreneur within any industry. It certainly did for me! Far too often I would tell myself what I’m gonna do instead of just doing it. Gary Vaynerchuk had a way of helping me to realize that the market place doesn’t care about what I’m gonna do. It doesn’t care of what I hope to do. The truth is… Nobody cares! Differences are made in life and in business because of what I do! (Not what I think I’m gonna do or hope to do.) He smacked me right in the face and changed it all around for me. Everyone has the ability to be successful if they choose.   They simply must make the decision to be successful, decide what they are willing to sacrifice to get there, and put in the work. I must admit, having access to tips given by Gary Vee doesn’t hurt either! 🙂

By the way, If this is your first time ever hearing of my friend Gary Vaynerchuk, I’ll have you to know this guy is everywhere and its because he knows his stuff! By the way, Gary Vee doesn’t know it, but after all the value he’s delivered through is speeches, and books, he and I are friends to the end. lol!

Just so you know, I also had the opportunity to catch Gary Vaynerchuk on Power 105.1 The Breakfast  Club, a popular R&B and Hip Hop Morning show. During that SUPER POWERFUL interview he gave some phenomenal tips that anyone could do… (Even a teenager) to earn a great income from the comfort of their home using the internet. So in my opinion, if you’ve been wanting to cash in on the power of the world wide web, you have absolutely no excuse for not doing so! Check out Gary Vaynerchuk below on the The Breakfast Club

It’s no secret that this thing called the internet has arrived and it is truly changing the way that we do everything. In a nut shell it has totally changed the way that we communicate. The internet has made becoming a successful entrepreneur possible for anyone who chooses.  The internet has also made it much easier for those less willing to adapt, to get phased out by their competitors. If you’re in business the time is now to choose your route.

Thanks for Stopping By!

P.S. I will be working with a group of people and sharing many of the things I’ve learned personally about executing many of the strategies Gary Vaynerchuk is speaking of.  Let’s work together.

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ET Hip Hop Preacher Deal With It.

ET Hip Hop Preacher Deal With It.

This morning I saw this video floating through my timeline. I must say it was a blessing for me. ET The Hip Hop Preacher’s messages are always Powerful and right on time. I once heard someone say You’re either going through a problem, coming out of a problem, or going towards one. Whichever it may be, I encourage you to deal with it. Special thanks to Falecia Tucker for blessing my timeline with ET the Hip Hop Preacher’s message. It was right on time. Won’t He do it! Won’t he do it! lol! 🙂

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Good morning my beautiful friends! We deal with so much on a day to day basis that it’s necessary to control your peace…

Posted by Falecia Tucker on Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Starting Over

Starting Over

Starting over can be one of the hardest things to do. When I decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship 5 years ago, the decision wasn’t one that I made because I desired to work for myself. I wish I had been that proactive. The truth is the decision was made out of pure desperation. The strain of being a single parent was weighing on me heavily. I was working long hours and barely had any time to spend with my daughter. For this very reason I decided to walk away from my job. I knew the only way I could begin to better my relationship with my daughter was by investing more time with her. Since Corporate America wasn’t working with me & my lifestyle, I walked away from it and jumped head first into multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing.  After bumping my head quite a bit and failing miserably at business, things finally began to come together. I’d decided to focus on internet based strategies to grow my business. I knew that it was all a numbers game. I knew that I had to reach more people if I truly wanted success. It was obvious the internet was the best way to do this. After spending hours upon hours studying, exhausting my savings & maxing out all of my credit cards, I was finally earning money. Unfortunately, just as I began to feel good about my progress, it was over.

I began to feel that my new career change was a huge drag. I simply didn’t feel good about it anymore. It was all so strange. Just a short time ago, you couldn’t tell me nothing. In my mind, starting a home based business had saved my life. It had restored my relationship with my daughter and I also had the ability to work when I desired. So why was I feeling this way? How could I have such an extreme displeasure for the industry that I had grown to love? How did it get to this point? Just as fast as the questions ran through my head, so did the answers. Looking back at my situation, I now realize that in a crazy way, during the process of obtaining my new found freedom, I began to enslave myself in a totally different way. Allow me to explain.

Although I was an “entrepreneur” and had learned all this great geek shit to earn money, I was bored as hell. I was also starting to peep the game that the industry was dishing out. I had heard the talks of stolen commissions and down-lines in the past but to be honest, I didn’t pay it too much attention until it began to affect me. I felt betrayed. I’ll also admit I was royally pissed. How could this be happening to me? The more I thought about it, the more I got pissed. I had given this industry all of me and it had done “The Ultimate.” Naturally I took a step back to analyze the situation. In a weird sort of way this so called “Entrepreneurship” felt a little bit like Corporate America.

I noticed many of my colleagues floating from company to company, only to find themselves running into a brick wall. I myself did the exact same things. Whether  the companies we were advertising went out of business, or whether the relationships ended due to “missing commissions, or some other foolishness,  there seemed to be a running trend in the industry across the board. There was always someone else pulling the strings and ready to screw you at any given second. (Intentionally as well as Unintentionally) Although I made my own hours and there wasn’t anyone breathing down my back about whether I chose to work or not….  There were still other issues that couldn’t be ignored. It was time for me to tweak the way I was doing things.The first thing I noticed was that everything felt almost robotic, and I wasn’t having fun anymore. When I initially came online I was hungry and approached each day with excitement and enthusiasm. Nothing felt the same. I had lost the confidence I once had, somewhere along the way.

I once heard someone say, Sometimes the worse thing that can happen to you is a little bit of success.

I’m assuming that’s what happened to me because, once I obtained the freedom I thought I was seeking, I somehow found myself in a different type of bondage. I began to question everything. I felt I could no longer trust anyone. I no longer approached things with the same eagerness I once did.  The longer I sat quietly doing nothing, The clearer things became. The truth is, affiliate marketing & multilevel marketing happen to be great industries to earn a living. (Just as any other industry I’m sure.) My problem was that I knew that I should have been  putting forth more effort towards my own projects, instead of pushing projects that had more holes than my own.  The same exact feeling I used to have for Corporate America began to consume me.  After 5 years of studying online marketing, I knew that I had developed a love for it. After all, I had already dropped out of college on more than one occasion. (Almost everything under the sun. Nursing, dental hygiene, business finance……) So the very fact that I’ve stuck with internet marketing 5 years strong, stood for something.

Just as I thought I had it all figured out, The unexpected happened. I discovered I had to undergo surgery which caused another major hiccup. How could this be? Once I finally figured out my next move…. I discover I have health issues? This had to be some sort of sick joke. I had always been healthy. I also played sports in school. How could this be happening to me? There were so many things I haven’t had the chance to do. I’ll admit, it was a hard pill to swallow. I knew however, there was no time to throw a pity party, and there was no time to panic.  I realized…  just like that! It could all be over.  I knew this was the perfect time to experience my life.

God has a sense of humor. It’s amazing how quickly your perspective changes when the unexpected happens.

I knew if I had the opportunity to wake from surgery, I would get out of my own way. So here I am Starting Over once again. After almost a year of healing both physically and mentally, I’m excited to see where this journey leads. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with old friends, as well as embarking on a journey filled with new relationships. I appreciate the time you’ve invested out of your day to read my blog and I look forward to connecting or reconnecting with you.

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